Rave Reviews



"I am a professional school counselor and licensed master social worker with several years of experience in the public school system. Dr. Trotman has worked with staff at my school for many years offering outstanding professional development trainings regarding special education. Dr. Trotman provides evidence based strategies that yield results and that reflect her extensive experience and education. Her sessions have greatly benefited me as an educator, and positively impact the work I do daily for students. I recommend attending one of her sessions and am certain that her sessions will provide a positive impact on anyone who works in education." 


Tiffany D. Davis, Ed.S.

Professional School Counselor


"I loved this seminar! The strategies will get my students involved in the classroom and excited about learning.LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! GREAT JOB!"
R. Pujol, Special Educator
Harnett County Schools

"I enjoyed your presentation. The sharing of various strategies was fantastic, especially when team collaborated and reported back to the whole group."


Special Educator

North Carolina Dept. of Public School Instruction





"GREAT Session! Story Telling is going to be my most useful strategy to implement with my young exceptional education students."


S. Roderick

North Carolina Dept. of Public School Instruction




"Excellent Session! All the different strategies can be used with all of my students, not just my special education students." 



North Carolina Dept. of Public School Instruction



“I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist with over a decade of experience working in private and public schools, clinics, and home settings.  Over the years I have worked with many dedicated education professionals.  However, I have found Dr. Trotman-Blackman’s extensive research background and vast experience in public education to be unique, in that the breadth and depth of her knowledge allows her to impact those with whom she works in a profound way!  She is a valuable resource to general and special education educators, and parents alike.”


-Meridith M. Rose, MS, CCC-SLP

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

Owner of HomeTele SLP


"I am a seasoned Special Educator with over a decade of experience. Dr. Trotman and I have worked together for many years and working with her has been the greatest learning experience. Her knowledge and expertise regarding instructional planning for special needs and At-Risk students is phenomenal. In addition, I have participated in her professional development trainings for Special Education, and the quality of information and strategies delivered has been instrumental in my career as an educator. I highly recommend one of her sessions."

Mesha Bolton, Ed.S.

Special Educator

Professional School Counselor

"I loved this session! Best one at the conference. So many great ideas that I could use in my middle school inclusion classrooms!"
Special Educator
Lexington, NC